About PerSEC eXpress

About us

PerSEC eXpress is a division of CANDA Solutions, a leading software and services provider specializing in case management and streamlined innovative solutions. CANDA Solutions specializes in the Personnel Security and Insider Threat Defense marketplace within the commercial sector and Federal Government.

CANDA Solutions is led by seasoned IT consultants with unprecedented technical experience. Chris Hagenbuch and Andrew Razumovsky specialize in case management, Personnel Security, Risk/Threat Assessment requirements and standards. Fresh Haystack is dedicated to deliver the most comprehensive, cost efficient, dynamic Personnel Security case management tool in the industry.

We’ve taken great care to stay at the forefront of the product life-cycle, investing in high-quality service delivery and continued research and development.

As the next generation’s solution, PerSEC eXpress closes the gap on time and expense in security processing and risk management. Our singular focus on this solution serves a critical industry need to provide comprehensive, accurate, and closed-loop software.

What is PerSEC eXpress?

PerSEC eXpress is a “game-changer,” providing industrial security as a service to your organization. We can handle all the facility clearance processing, security clearance processing, and EOD to federal suitability contracts. Get your people billable faster! And don’t forget your insider threat program. We can handle that, too.

PerSEC eXpress is your prescription for fast, easy, and compliant Industrial Security.