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Spend less time on paperwork and more time delivering for your customers with PerSec eXpress

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PerSEC eXpress enables Speed, Efficiency, and Data Accuracy without sacrificing Compliance

PerSEC eXpress (PSX) is a Security Clearance Case Management Platform used by Federal Government Contractors to manage their National Industrial Security Program (NISP). Our Customers use PSX for facility clearance processing, security clearance processing, EOD to Federal Suitability contracts, and Insider Threat Defense. PSX gives FSOs the ability to operate with a strategic mindset, not be buried in paperwork and spreadsheets.

PSX is a Force Multiplier for FSOs

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Our prebuilt workflows process Security Clearance requests for most Federal Government requirements. Additionally, our out-of-the box offering arrives ready to integrate with:

  • Many HRIS tools
  • Platforms such as Contract Systems, Data Warehouses, Time Reporting and Recruiting
  • JPAS exports.

Our data driven process is crafted to:

  • Rigorously comply with the Defense Counterintelligence & Security Agency (DCSA) regulations governing Security Clearances, and
  • Impose data validations to reduce errors, and Service Level Agreements on every process to ensure efficiency; Delivering speed and visibility.

Our customers can quickly identify process bottlenecks, resulting in a seamless process for candidates and your agency customers.

Our automated Clearance Process begins the moment an applicant is qualified as a prospective candidate for the organization. Those candidates are immediately triggered for an automated Security Prescreen providing Human Resources with critical Security intelligence to use during the interview process.

Once the candidate accepts an offer we immediately create their Security Clearance request. Automating this process reduces the onboarding cycle by close to two-thirds, and improves the number of qualified candidates joining your organization.

The Personnel Security process is time consuming and hard to manage. Delays are overwhelming and your organization is losing valuable time, money, and resources. Our out-of-the-box workflows cover full lifecycle processes for Collateral & SCI Security and Suitability / Public Trust:

  • Initials & Upgrades
  • Reinstatements & Crossovers
  • Periodic Reinvestigations
  • Incoming & Outgoing Visit Requests
  • Debrief & Off-boarding
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