Chris Hagenbuch

With over 18 years of development and leadership experience in the information technology industry, Chris Hagenbuch, Principal of CANDA Solutions, LLC has been at the forefront of various multi-phased and full-lifecycle distributed n-tier development projects on a variety of multiple platforms.

He’s spent 10 years supporting law enforcement, threat assessment and credentialing programs within DHS (such as Registered Traveler, TWIC, TSA Federal Air Marshalls, and US-Visit), and over 12 years providing project, program and portfolio management services with direct P&L to $130M. His experience includes a vast diverse group of organizations such as InfoZen, Contentra, NASD and Arbiton. Chris worked in a variety of fields from enterprise architecture to research and development skunk works, across both commercial and government sectors.

In one of his recent assignments he worked as the cyber security SME for a protective law enforcement agency and has brought all of this experience to the Fresh Haystack platform. His concentration in case management systems planning, architecture, implementation, and rollout, have led to the unique development of Fresh Haystack, the next generation case management software.

Known for his work and presentations regarding Agile system delivery, identity management, information assurance, and vetting and credentialing practice areas, Hagenbuch’s experience span’s across consumer, corporate, and government practice areas. A leading security expert, Hagenbuch has been engaged in various working groups, has participated in publications, provided speaking engagements and lectures and received several awards.

Andrew Razumovsky

Principal of CANDA Solutions, LLC, Andrew Razumovsky is responsible for the systems’ delivery, operations, and business development efforts. Mr. Razumovsky brings more than 22 years of total industry experience of strong computer based business applications, data warehouse, databases development, customer support using various operation systems, tools, and hardware platforms.

With over 11 years of extensive experience as an information technology specialist with focus on law enforcement, threat assessment, and credentialing programs, Andrew has advised major US government clients such as Department of Justice (DoJ), State Department, NASA and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). With a concentration in the continuing challenges of security focused Human Capital, Andrew’s vast experience, including working with IBM, Arbitron and CommerceOne, helps pave the way for Fresh Haystack, next generation case management solution. He is an acknowledged expert in the development of innovative solutions for database, credentialing, security systems, and Agile delivery.

Mr. Razumovsky spent 15 years supporting Agile delivery across industries including advertising, law enforcement, threat assessment, and case management programs within both the public and private sector. His emphasis on case management implementations includes systems analysis, planning, requirements gathering, data migration, design, architecture, Agile delivery processes, and production rollout. His experience and focus is in helping companies reach optimal performance and continuing to innovate using emerging technologies.

Additional work from our team

Working Groups

  • Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) Security Reform Policy Council (SRPC)
  • Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) Financial Threats Task Force (FTTF)
  • Associate Director, Telecommunications Security, International Association of Cyber Security Professionals.
  • Support Team Member for the PMI Agile Community of Practice
  • The Project Management Institute, Organization Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3)
  • Founding Member of the OASIS-IDTrust: Open Reputation Management System

Speaking Engagements

  • IDTrust 2008, The 7th Symposium on Identity Trust on the Internet Panel: Open Reputation Management Systems
  • Advanced ID Systems and Commercial Biometrics 2007 Consumer Biometrics and multi-factor authentication- Enabling the Identity Transformation in Social Networking
  • Enterprise Architecture Summit 2006. Building an Agile Enterprise and Panel: Perspective on Architecture Modeling
  • Government Executive Breakfast Briefings: FISMA Six Vital Strategies
  • National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), Annual CMMI Technology Conference 2005: Process Discipline in the Information Age: Rethink the Quality Abstraction


  • Finalist in the Executive of the Year, Maryland Tech Council
  • Technical Lead on a Navy portal project that won the Naval Commander’s Award

Teaching Experience

  • FISMA and DIACAP Training classes
  • CISSP Bootcamp
  • Information Assurance in the real world
  • Agile Delivery Strategies for Government


  • Contributor Editor to – We are Smarter Than Me: How to Unleash the Power of Crowds in Your Business